Lost your Phone or Keys? Say MOTO..

Are you someone who keeps forgetting your phone or keys and spend time searching for it everywhere from over the table till the corner of couch? 

You can now say MOTO and you will find it immediately.

Given a situation where you suddenly realize few minutes back your phone was with you and now you don’t find it. You rush to the place you came from just now and start searching for it everywhere. Don’t panic you have a solution now.

Motorola Keylink…

This is a small device which can be attached with our keychain. And just by using a app called Motorola Connect you can make your phone ring from 100 feet radius. Or if you lost your keys, you can make the Keylink device ring using the same app installed in your phone.

Finding Your Phone With the New Motorola Keylink

The device is not exclusive, yes.. you can use this on both Android and iOS devices. Just need to install Motorola Connect app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and you are ready to use the device.

The device is said to be water proof to keep it safe during your rainy days. Also the device is said to Run on coin cell battery, which will be available in any local stores near you. And the Battery lasts for up to a year.

Pricing specified on official page for this device is $24.99. There is no news yet about the plans of making the device available in India.

*For Android phone it requires Android version 4.3 or later; for iOS phones it requires iOS version 7.1 or later. The Motorola Connect app (downloadable from the Google Play™ store or the Apple App store) and a compatible Bluetooth Smart device. Feature enabled for devices up to 100 feet apart.

Source: Motorola 

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  1. Can we find it in India and what will be the price?

  2. As of now there is no news available about Indian market. The official site of us is out of stock. It might cost you similar price like a normal Bluetooth device.