Top 12 Most Followed Indian Celebs on Twitter in 2017

Twitter is most happening Social Media channel of all times as well all know. This also has become the best platform for Celebrities, Stars, and Politicians for promoting and being in news.

Keeping in mind about your response on our earlier post "Trending People in India", we just extracted the World's Top 100 Twitter accounts to see how our Indian celebrities are stacked or ranked. Not so surprisingly we got 12 Indian names who are listed in the Top 100 Twitter accounts.

So let's see one-by-one who is standing on what rank. We have given both Indian Ranks as well as the World Rank for you to know.

Let's begin the countdown.

Top Followed Celebrities on Twitter - Ranking

Number 12 - Virat Kohli - Indian Cricketer 

India Rank: 12
World Rank: 87

Username: @imvkohli
Followers: 19.4M (19,344,170)

Image by himanisdas - flickr 

Number 11 - Hrithik Roshan - Bollywood Actor

India Rank: 11
World Rank: 84

Username: @ihrithik
Followers : 19.8M (19,814,100)

Image by, via Wikimedia Commons

Number 10 - Priyanka Chopra - Bollywood & Hollywood Actress

India Rank: 10
World Rank: 83

Username: @priyankachopra
Followers : 20M (19,987,371)

Image by samm_p on

Number 9 - Sachin Tendulkar - Indian Cricketer

India Rank: 9
World Rank: 81

Username: @sachin_rt
Followers : 20.3M (20,302,359)

Image by Arun Ramu on

Number 8 - Deepika Padukone - Bollywood Actress

India Rank: 8
World Rank: 77

Username: @deepikapadukone
Followers : 21M (21,079,796)

Image by raheel9630 on

Number 7 - Akshay Kumar - Bollywood Actor

India Rank: 7
World Rank: 74

Username: @akshaykumar
Followers : 21.4M (21,421,238)

By The original uploader was Retuow at English Wikipedia

Number 6 - PMO India - Politics

India Rank: 6
World Rank: 71

Username: @pmoindia
Followers : 21.8M (21,831,738)

Image courtesy PMO India Twitter handle

Number 5 - Aamir Khan - Bollywood Actor

India Rank: 5
World Rank: 69

Username: @aamir_khan
Followers : 22.1M (22,150,071)

Image by Gordon Correll on

Number 4 - Salman Khan - Bollywood Actor

India Rank: 4
World Rank: 52

Username: @beingsalmankhan
Followers : 26.9M (26,967,437)

Image by Laura Lee Dooley on

Number 3 - Shahrukh Khan - Bollywood Actor

India Rank: 3
World Rank: 44

Username: @iamsrk
Followers : 29.4M (29,397,346)

By Thore Siebrands via Wikimedia Commons

Number 2 - Amitabh Bachchan - Bollywood Actor

India Rank: 2
World Rank: 43

Username: @SrBachchan
Followers : 30.3M (30,343,571)

Image by TeachAIDS ( via Wikimedia Commons

Number 1 - Narendra Modi - Politician

India Rank : 1
World Rank : 31

Username: @narendramodi
Followers : 35.6M (35,678,257)

Image By Narendra Modi via Wikimedia Commons

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