Let's all beautify our cities..

With such a view in and around my city

Definitely I can not say, my city is beautiful place to live..

Film posters and ugly graffiti bother you? It is all about to change as city roads will undergo a makeover with vibrant colors and themes.The BBMP’s initiative to add color and make the walls in the city look more lively and attractive has just begun.
Individuals and companies have already come forward to help the Palike build this initiative a success.
After initiate the project of painting the city walls with colourful themes, ideas and educative material, the Palike is now approaching five-star hotels and IT companies to come forward and continue this spree.
The BBMP has earmarked the idea of painting city walls with colourful motifs and designs on selected roads and locality. Pictures of murals, animals, folk art and designs inspired from the nature would be painted on these walls.
According to BBMP sources, the first phase of this project will different artists from the city and opportunity to make the roadside walls their canvas.
Street art has taken Bangalore by storm. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw unmentionable walls transforming to huge beautiful works of art. And it’s happening everywhere in the city! These artists were painting in rapid pace and having fun. The theme is Karnataka with each painting being unique and explaining the History & Culture of the state and also the Tourist places around the state are painted here.
I suggested you too can take this step in your city, contact your city Corporation to take this step. And let’s see all our surroundings with beautiful walls..

standing next to Pattadakallu J

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