Reality Shows in Kannada a Reality..

Big boss season is back.. Wow am so excited.. This is the usual reaction you will get from many.. Yes that's true, reality shows are the new trend in television industry. You may say ohh com'n give some new news I know this.


We all know all these shows got popularity in western countries first and then we are now getting the Indian version of those popular shows. If I say exact replica I will not be wrong.
Similarly south here in Kannada television too, where we saw adopted reality shows. Like Kannadada Kotyadipathi based on KBC. Big Boss, etc.


But, there are people who are showing guts to take chances and create their exclusive reality shows. People in India who real want to come with fresh idea and do something exclusive too. Say for example #Satyamev Jayate.

One such show which I got glued with is #ChotaChampion by actor Srujan Lokesh. Who's show is now getting so popular. People wouldn't have thought that a reality game show based on kids and parents will become so much popular that all kids started asking Shrujan mama.. Shrujanmama..

The show is based on games in which parents and the kid will participate. Basically it has only 3 rounds where parents from different part of state come and participate.

Round 1 - G-le-B (gilebi is sweet name)
Gentleman + Lady + Baby.. Yes that is what it means by gilebi here. In this round any of father or mother needs to enter the House of Game with the kid. Where there will be some activity is arranged for baby. And the one who is outside House of Game will be asked a question asking, within the time given (mostly it will be 90sec) will the baby complete activity or not.
If the baby does as guessed by mother/father of baby who is outside, then they will get Rs.10,000. If the guess is wrong they will not get anything.


Fun part here is, in the House of Game they will arrange lot of toys, painting, fruits, etc. Which can distract the kid. And becomes tricky to guess whether they will win or loose. And the comments and expressions what Srujan Lokesh adds between will be bonus fun too.

Round 2 - Jantar Mantar
Then comes real fight for the participating parents is this round which is called Jantar Mantar. Here the father (compulsory) go inside the House of game with baby and play along with the kid. Mother who stands outside with anchor Srujan Lokesh and gives instructions to accomplish the game.
The family who completes the given task or game fastest gets chance to qualify to the final round where they can really earn a bumper amount.

Final Round - Adrushta Nimmishta
Finally the least time taken parents will be chosen for this round. Here both Father & Mother will play with Srujan Lokesh and the kid will be inside House of Game where the baby needs to just pick say for example some posters kept on the floor. Behind which there will be some random number. And whatever number is seen there, parents will need to break the pots kept on stage. Inside the pots there will prize amounts hidden starting from 5,000 to 50,000. And there will be one trump card in which there will a picture o Shrujan Mama which can give you Rs. 75,000.
Parents can break the pots and decide they want to take more chances or quit straight away. There will 4 chances. If the pot broken contains Rs. 10,000 for instance, next chance they might get Rs.50,000 or they might get Rs. 5,000 also. Its all about luck. So they need to decide they want to continue or will quit.

All in all its fun to watch the parents play and kids masti with Srujan Lokesh fun filled show here. Personally I say these kind of shows are far far better to watch and enjoy then the Saas-Bahu shows which most of the times creates negativity in you minds, showing the fights of family etc.
Srujan Lokesh you are doing a great job by entertaining us and showing us this magical show called CHOTA CHAMPION keep it up. :)

For now taking leave, will get back soon with another different yet interesting blog to share with you all..

Ta-Ta batata..

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