Close shave with BAD-LUCK..

It was the time when I travelled around 420kms from my native to Bangalore, in search of a career. Holding list of companies and their address in hand, took a Daily Bus Pass from BMTC Conductor, as suggested by friend. The daily pass will help you roam around the city for one day anywhere. 

After visitng 3 offices near to Domlur and handed out copies of Resume, I felt like taking a break. Called up my friend
"Hello Guru.. feeling bored suggest me something to refresh yaar"

Guru: You have taken Daily Pass isn't it, take a bus M.G.Road and spend some time in and around that area, later you can come back to room. I will come early from office today.

So, making maximum use of the Day Pass (as we Indians believe in "maximum utilization") I reached M.G.Road.. The happening place of Bangalore.

After little bit of walk in the area, I saw croud gathered in corner. Curious to know even I went and stood in corner. For my luck it was Shooting Set-up. And the Director was upset for some reason and was screaming on everyone in his team.

The crew was in full tension, but for us it was amazing moment to see the movie setup. Suddenly one of the crew member came and said "Hey you.. helloo". After little pause, I replied "who? me?". He shouted loudly "yaa you only. come fast Sir is calling you.."

I just walked with the man without even knowing what is happening around and where am I heading, totally unaware of what is waiting next.

Director: Perfect, Perfect... Perrrfectt... you speak Kannada?

Me: Ya sir..

Director: Perrrfecttt...!!! (crew members faces became little relaxed too)

(May be he was looking for a character exactly like me and after long wait they got me on set.)

Even I understood that they want me to act for them and got happy about it. But suddenly the Director called me closer, and started shouting again. "Got one character after long wait, and that too is not clean shaven..., why dont you guys shave your selves well before you get out of your houses.. send him away now.. I don't want this guy.."

Disappointed.. I returned to my friends room utilizing my One Day Free Pass.. On the way I even realized that till now whichever companies I visited also did not respond me in favorable manner just because I was not cleanly shaved. 

It really really mattered.. and lost golden opportunity also.. huhhh

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