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This weekend Comedy Nights with Kapil celebrated 1000 weeks of DDLJ. I agree everyone knows about this, because Kapil is so very famous that anything discussed or shown in his show is delivered every corner of India and abroad too. 

We Indians are crazy.. Specially when it comes to movies we are more crazier.. So I just tried to list out which are the movies if given chance I would like to watch for 1000s of weeks again-n-again without complaining. As a result created this blog here.. 

Hope to make your Monday little relaxing by taking you to journey of past, journey which will make you remember those old movies and makes you smile.. 

# Sholay

If I speak about classic movies to relive and if I dont speak about SHOLAY, then there will be no point in writing this blog. As soon as the name of this film comes on my mind, I start hearing that background score of Sholay. The meaning for Larger than life was truly explained by this film. Till date I get amazed by each and every frame of this film. Have no words to explain why I like Sholay so very much. Smallest character of this film also makes you love it and you will be really puzzled at the end if you think, what really made you get so much amazed. Try it out yourself, even you can write it in one sentence or paragraph for sure.


Friendship, Love, Family, Career, Education huhh.. this movie covered it all and much more. 3 Idiots was really a roller-coaster ride kind of a film. Which made you laugh to the core by listening to Silencers Hindi Speech. Other hand made you cry when Raju got hospitalized. This film is my top relive list always. Whenever I am sad, bored, want to be happy, need motivation, I play this film. And I get instant recharge. 

# Rang De Basanti

Yes friends.. Rang De Basanti.. I still can not believe how the Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra really managed to mix these two stories in a such a breathtaking way. Every-time I watch this film my love for the country goes high more higher than before. It not only makes you patriotic, the movie also teaches you values in life of Friends, Family, Love, Patriotism all in the language of today's generation. Definite relive movie of life, can watch N number of times.

# Taare Zameen Par

Now you might be thinking I am a Amir Khan fan so I am talking only about his movies after reading this title. But the fact is, yaa these are the movies which makes me watch again and again. And hence they are my top listed movies for Relive list.

Taare Zameen Par when it released, I remember many of us said to ourselves, hey ya even I had this problem in my childhood. or I know one guy who had this problem in my school days. This was so commonly known problem which we all ignored to the core. After this movie was released many parents started to think about their children in little different manor. Ya even today many parents have forgotten the fact still doing the same old style parenting which is not good for our kids. 

That is the reason I like this movie to be telecast again and again in National Television to make parents remember the importance of parenting. 

# Lot more

There are many more movies which will be added to this Relive list, but I took only few to showcase here. Movies like Andaz Apna Apna, Lagaan, Mughal-E-Azam, Mother India, Golmal (Old), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Bhag Milkha Bhag, Pan Singh Tomar, Anand, Do Bhigha Zameen, Mera Naam Joker, list is endless.. I leave this to you so that you can recall your favorite movie name and cherish your self.

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