We’re going back to the Moon. For good.

XPRIZE FOUNDATION has offered the largest incentivized competition of $30 million named Google Lunar XPRIZE. 

Google Lunar XPRIZE
We’re going back to the Moon. For good.
(watch video in English & Hindi available below..)

XPRIZE Foundations "Back to the Moon. For good." movie poster

Goal of this competition is to ignite a new era of planetary exploration by lowering the cost to explore and capturing and inspiring the imagination of a new generation.

Why Moon again? 

Our Moon, the ‘eighth continent’ has a land area larger than Brazil and North America put together… and people have only been to 5% of it! 

There are amazing natural wonders, valuable resources, and unsolved mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately, getting to the Moon hasn’t been very cost-effective.

And that’s where the Google Lunar XPRIZE comes in: $30 million in prizes designed to inspire pioneers to do robotic space transport on a budget. Teams from around the world are well on their way to accomplishing this  and ushering in a new era of space frontiers!

To win the main prize

» Team participating must be privately funded upto 90%
   (with no more than 10% of government funding)

» Teams must safely land their spacecraft on the surface of the moon

» Travel 500 meters On, above or below the Moon's surface

» Send back HD Video, Images & Data back to Earth

» All above needs to completed before deadline (December 31st, 2016)


Team Indus

Yes there is team from India too participating in this mission.

Team Indus participant of Google Lunar XPRIZE competition from India

Team Indus was selected to compete for two of the Milestone Prizes, the Landing Prize, and the Imaging Prize. The team is managed by Axiom Research Labs Private Limited, an aerospace startup company, and is headquartered in India’s IT industry hub, Bangalore. Through its lunar mission, Team Indus aims to showcase the creativity and capability of Indian entrepreneurs, promote higher scientific education, develop new homegrown space technologies and inspire an entire generation of young people.

For more about team:
» Indus Facebook Page
» Twitter Page
» YouTube Channel

The Deadlines 

Explained in detail in this video

Watch it in Hindi ( हिंदी अनुवाद )

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