Common man lost the sense of humor..

Common man has lost the sense of humor now. 

Yes The Common Man (R.K.Laxman) as known by every Indian and around the world.

R K Laxman, died at the age of 93 at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune on 26 January 2015. 

He was hospitalized on 23 January for urinary infection and chest-related problems that led to a multi-organ failure. He was put on life support after his condition worsened on 25 January 2015. He had reportedly suffered multiple strokes since 2010.

World is going to miss the humor yet serious topics he took with his pencil and showed it to the world with his cartoon strip column "You Said it" in The Times of India news daily, which was started in 1951.

Awards and recognition
• Padma Bhushan- Govt. Of India 1971
 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts – 1984
 Padma Vibhushan – Govt. of India, 2005
 Honorary Doctorate awarded to R.K. Laxman from the University of Mysore in 2005
 Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism – CNN IBN TV18, 29 January 2008

 'Pune Pandit' Award (Scholar of Pune Award) by the Art & Music Foundation for excellence in 'Creative Communication' – 2012

We all miss you...
You will always live in us, around us. World will not forget you Mr.Common Man. May your soul Rest in Peace. 

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