Supercomputers for the emerging Super-Power - India

Supercomputers for India

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The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the grid-like connection of supercomputers research facilities to be setup in India on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return from his recent foreign trip to China.

The supercomputers will be employed mainly for defence research, and predicting climatic changes.

What is the capacity of this Supercomputer?

A report in the Indian Express revealed that the supercomputers will have capacities ranging from 0.5 petaFlops to 20 petaFlops. (A petaFlop is the measure of a computer’s processing speed).

To put it to perspective, a one petaFlop machine is capable of one quadrillion mathematical computations per second.

By the time this project operates at full steam, the speed of the supercomputers could reach 50 petaFlops.

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Team India is going to be equipped with 70 such supercomputers by 2022, source revealed.

More details about Supercomputer in India

In its nascent stages, the project is estimated to cost Rs 4500 crores. The supercomputers will be set up in conjunction with the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Department of Information and Technology (DIT). DST reportedly will be shelling out Rs 2800 crores, while DIT will chip in with Rs 1700 crores.

The Microfinance Monitor reported that the areas of R&D to benefit from these supercomputers include defence, biology, weather forecast, climate change and early warning defence systems.

In addition to this, the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC); the Indian Institute of Science (IISc); the Department of Science and Technology; and the Department of
Electronics and Information Technology are the prime beneficiaries. The setup of the supercomputers will be completed by 2022.

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