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Aquaguard On the Go Portable Water Purifier

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Our's is the age of Health, Hygiene, Diet, Fitness and what not. People in this era have become more health conscious than ever. I am sure everyone has a water purifier or water filter in their kitchens now a days. In fact you might have installed an RO system. But what if you are not in house and you want a purifier with you when you are out?

Here is something that you will be interested in. Have a look around, I brought to you this product just because its unique in the market. But, I saw the brand under which its been created or marketed. I am sure you will do your groundwork before you and buy something new. Here I am trying to bring in a product which most people didnt even heard of.

Overview of Aquagaurd On The Go - Portable Water Purifier

A 100% chemical free purification process

Water passes through a maze of nano sized positive charged media that traps negatively charged pathogens and other impurities to provide pure drinking water.

Features of Aquagaurd On The Go - Portable Water Purifier

Top Notch Purification Technology:

This portable water purifier has unique cutting edge, chemical-free, Space Nano Technology with cartridge life of up to 600 fills Natural Shut-off™ mechanism gradually reduces the flow of water indicating that the cartridge needs to be changed.

Pure and Safe:

Removes 99.9% bacteria and virus, reduces chlorine and eliminates impurities
BPA Free, non-toxic plastic bottle with antimicrobial properties
Filter Cartridge certified by WQA authorized labs

Affordable and Convenient:

Soft bottle with see through water level indicator
Saves money and the trouble of purchasing packaged drinking water while on the go.

Environmental Friendly:

Reduces plastic waste of nearly 500 one-liter bottles.

Price of Aquagaurd On The Go - Portable Water Purifier

On Flipkart the price for this is Rs. 475 (after discount)

It also has different colours available, check the prices below.

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