Rangoli Designs the most essential practice in India

In India Rangoli is a common tradition or practice to create patterns on courtyards. Simple rangoli designs are passed from generation to generations. Generally elder woman in house teach this art to the younger ones by teaching them easy rangoli designs, most common form used to teach the little ones are dots rangoli. We all know most of the patterns as for daily purpose woman or girls in the family create these easy rangoli designs every day morning, after their cleaning is done. It is believed to be auspicious for the house and family. On other hand it also works as beautification of the entrance of your home by creating these small rangoli designs.

Various materials used for Rangoli

  • Coloured sand
  • Rangoli designs with flowers
  • Coloured rice
  • Dry flour
  • Flower petals
  • more

Different names of Rangoli

As mentioned already at the beginning of this post, Rangoli is the most common form of art followed across the country. Its name differs according to the region where it is practiced. It is known in different part of India by unique names as below

  • Kolam in Tamil Nadu
  • Mandana in Rajasthan
  • Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh
  • Alpana in West Bengal
  • Aripana in Bihar
  • Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh
  • Muggu in Andhra Pradesh
  • Golam kolam or kalam in Kerala

Because rangoli is one of the essential practices of daily life, we always wonder to get something new and interesting. The patterns of rangoli or the different designs are usual shared occasionally to improvise or to get variety for each day. That is the reason we tried to bring you some of interesting rangoli designs which you may like and adapt. You can even find some patterns which will help you create rangoli for Diwali or any of future festival or occasions at your place.

Hope you will like the post and the designs shared here. We know these will be just handful of suggestions. But when it comes to rangoli designs we believe getting one single idea is enough to create plenty of more patterns out of it. You can play with different colours on it, you can experiment with flower petals, sindoor or even natural colours to your process of Rangoli making.

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Images Source: fashionlady.in, stylishandtrendy.com, craft.easyfreshideas.com, ikolam.com

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