8 Reasons Why People Like Radhika Apte

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Reason #1 - Amazingly talented actress

Everyone by now have realized the fact that this actress can give nightmares to many established artists in film industry, no matter what language or region it is. As Radhika Apte began her acting career in theatre she can do wonders with the whatever offers she picks and acts.

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Reason #2 - Beauty with simplicity 

This actress who is Hailing from Pune carries a very subtle Girl next door looks. Also on other hand you can not deny the fact that she is one of the very beautiful actress in the industry. So this makes every kind of people relate to her and like her.

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Reason #3 - Holding sensual image right

Even though she chooses the roles which are not so classy or modern, this actress who bagged a role opposite superstar Rajanikanth in his new release Tamil film "Kabali", very well knows how to be sensual and use it with right amount. This quality of her is very rare among her contenders in the industry.

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Reason #3 - Variety of work she does

Right from the beginning of her career Radhika Apte is selecting her role very cautiously. Variety and versatility is what you can expect from her every time she comes out with new projects. May it be her initial releases like I Am and Shor in the City, or her Marathi film Lai Bhaari. Wheather its a shot-film like Ahalya or a Megha starer film opposite Superstar Rajani Sir in Kabali. She has alway kept us guessing with what can be next.

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Reason #4 - Unique voice that attracts

I know this can be of a different opinion for many. But many people who like Radhika Apte admit this saying she has a unique and sensual voice. Which actually adds to the characters which she portrays on screen.

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Reason #5 - Not in a race of cats

Every heroine comes to film industry is running a race of cats to be the No.1 Diva, Queen of Bollywood, blah blah. Where in Radhika Apte's world it does not seems to be her priority or target at all. She keeps her profile low and simple. Have never seen the usual Nakhre or Attitudes like the normal industry female artists. Her fans must be proud of this very quality of Radhika Apte for sure.

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About her latest release Tamil film Kabali

Radhika is playing the character who is the love interest of Rajnikanth who plays an ageing Don with a flashback story in the film.

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So how did Radhika landed in this role of character named Kumudhavalli in Kabali? "Director Pa Ranjith had seen some of my work and thought my look suited the part. One day I received a call from him saying he wanted to cast me. I flew to Chennai and we finalised everything in a day. It happened very fast. I'm very grateful that they made me a part of this prestigious project," says Radhika.

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  1. I agree, Radhika Apte has proven time and again how good she is. Her role in Kabali though small was done flawlessly.

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