Demonetisation - What our celebrities from Bollywood say

Until few weeks back majority of this country did not know about thing called "Demonetisation". And here we are today, it has become most searched term on Google and trending hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. Its tremendous response that the people of India has shown for this move by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. People have responded in true spirit and giving full support for this moment to curb Corruption, Terrorism and the most complex one called Parallel Economy.

Today during debate in Rajya Sabha our Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh was addressing this issue as "well organised and planned loot", he also responded to lines saying "Those who say demonetisation is good in the long run should recall the quote: “In the long run we are all dead”.

The question for our Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan ji is, are we not doing this for the future of our country? If a head of the house takes a tough decision to secure the future of his family, is it not worth taking it? or the head of the family should only think about his present and his wellness?

The oppositions also quoted about the survey conducted by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi about what the people of India think about this decision which he has made to ban Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes and release new denomination of Rs.2000 and new notes of Rs.500 as false. We the people of India know about it without taking any survey already. At grass levels we know how the people are responding to it. I am sure even you agree to the point that people of India are optimistic about this and they are ready to accept the inconvenience attached to it.

Meanwhile we tried to capture few of the first reactions of our celebrities from Bollywood here in this article. We tried to bring you the opinion and reactions of some young as well as senior actors of the film industry. Read below:

Aishwarya Rai says Demonetisation is very strong move

During an interview with NDTV she said “Congratulations, Mr PM. You have gone ahead with a very strong move for your larger vision to wipe out corruption in our country. That’s the larger overview that we as citizens patiently understand and recognise. Change isn’t often comfortable, but everybody will find their way to embrace it if they focus on the larger picture”

We shouldn’t see the short term impact of Demonetisation says Aamir Khan

“I think these issues which are concerning our country are more important. We shouldn’t see the short term impact of it. The things that we need to do for the country, we should do it. Even if it (demonetisation) causes loss to my film, I will see it as a small thing.” said Aamir Khan at the launch of song from his upcoming film Dangal.

Ajay Devgan find demonetisation inconvenience trivial

Even my film is suffering because of this but in front of nation's interest, find this inconvenience trivial: Ajay Devgan #DeMonetisation

Actor Ajay Devgan said to ANI "Whenever change takes place, common man faces prob; ppl frm my office are standing in queues & willing to face problems for better future"

Demonetisation was an exeptional move says Deepika Padukone

"I think it was high time (we did it). I would not like to comment much. But I think it was an exceptional move by the government. I would like to congratulate them." said the actress.

Kamal Haasan salutes Mr. Modi for demonetisation

South superstar Kamal Hassan said "Salute Mr. Modi. This move has to be celebrated across political party lines. Most importantly by earnest tax payers."

Kunal Khemu says demonetisation is bold masterstroke

The young actor of Bollywood Kunal Khemu said "History is made by bold masterstrokes like these. Respect @narendramodi sir May this be a step forward to a corruption free future"

Nana Patekar says demonetisation is a better and very important move

Speaking to ANI the senior Bollywood actor Mr. Nana Patekar said, "Ye ek behtareen faisla tha aur ye bohot zaruri bhi tha" 

Hats off to PM for demonetization move, Rajinikanth

Superstar of Indian cinemas Mr. Rajinikant also took this opportunity and said, "Hats off @narendramodi ji. New india is born #JaiHind"

Randeep Hooda proud on demonetization, says it is a master stroke

Randeep Hooda showed his proud with the tweet on his Twitter handle by saying "Sau Sonar ki, Ek lohar ki. A master stroke by our hn'able PM @narendramodi #ModiFightsCorruption #IndiaFightsCorruption @PMOIndia #proud"

Salman Khan said surgical strike on black money is a fantastic move

Salman Khan praised Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, he even kicked off his Bigg Boss 10 weekend episode by lauding the government's decision. “Iss hafte kaale dhan par danaadan vaar padi. It is a fantastic move. I salute PM Modi’s move to wipe out black money”, said the Bajarangi Bhaijan star Salman at the show.

Shahid Kapoor describes demonetization as a tough measure

“If corruption is what you want to remove then you have to take some tough measures. It’s still early to comment on how it will go because there are some practicalities that are attached to the change in currency and the notes that have been changed. So it is going to be difficult. Everybody is finding it difficult," said Shahid Kapoor

Shah Rukh Khan hailed the demonetization move

“Farsighted. Extremely smart. And not politically motivated. Will bring such a positive change for Indian economy. Great move Narendra Modi.” tweeted the King Khan SRK.

Demonetization is a powerful & brave decision indeed says Suniel Shetty

9/11 jab bhi aata hai hila dalta hai bhai...this 9/11 some will lose...many shall win! A powerful & brave decision indeed #RIP #BlackMoney

Mr. Shetty also tweeted "The country needs selfless dedication & tireless efforts each day to achieve the dream of a 'Better India'"

Tamanna Bhatia thinks demonetization is best thing from a long run perspective

South Indian and emerging Bollywood diva Tamanna also said "I know the common man is facing a lot of difficulty but I know for a fact that it is for good cause and eventually this will turn out to be the right thing to do. From a long run perspective this is the best thing to have happened."

Ever since independence people of India have witnessed many big things but this one is really a historic effort made by any Prime Minister so far in this country. And on the other hand the people of the country also showed positive approach like never before  in past. Wish you all hearty congratulations for being part of a Historic moment to fight against Black money and all the evils connected with it. #JAI HIND.

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