Advanced search Commands for Google search - Part I

The most used website on earth is Google and this is not something which you do not know. But if I say the way you and me use is actually not able to give us the exact required search results.

As we know each and every tech firm and software companies are running after the next big thing which is AI - Artificial Intelligence today. Even then Google lacks many times to read the minds of user to get him the exact search results.

So here are few Google Search commands listed out for you to understand and use to get the filtered and to the mark results whenever you require.

I am calling this post as Part 1 because there are many useful commands which might be useful for our day-in, day-out needs. All the commands can not be explained in single post (who loves to read such a lengthy post? isnt it?!). 

How to use these commands?

This is very simple thing. Instead of just searching for the word or phrases, you will need to add a command in certain way that Google will understand exact meaning and will specifically get the filtered search results for you. Will explain each command below on how to use it to get what type of results.

Google Advanced Search Commands

01. Getting Weather Report

ADD "weather:" before entering the City/Area name to get the weather reports directly for that specific city/area.

Ex: weather:whitefield

You can also try with Postal code, country, etc.

02. Go to Map details 

Searching Bangalore may not directly get you the Map details, isn't it.

ADD "map:" and enter city/state/country name. This will fetch you the map directly

Ex: map:mysore

03. Search specific file format

Including "filetype:XYZ" after the search phrase will be searched only in those file formats available on internet.

Ex: Basic Java filetype:pdf
Learn English filetype:ppt

04. Narrowing search results to locality

You are searching for an electricians on Google and might get frustrated by results because the results are not relevant to your locality.

Addition of "loc:Place name" will solve the issue for you and get only the search results from that particular location.

Ex: appliance repair loc: jayanagar, bangalore

05. Search a range of numbers

Ever wished to get a search result between specific range? Say for example need to search a mobile phone between specific range of budget.. very useful right?

Addition of #...# (# stands for value here) with search fetch you results ranging between the specified amount

Ex: acer laptops Rs20000...Rs26000

There are many more commands available in Google to make your life easier, we will bring you more of those in our next post. Until then you can try these commands and get grip on them.

Do comment below about how you find these commands useful or any feedbacks. We would love to hear from your ends.

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