AndyzDuniya Reached 20K Visitors Milestone

Words cant describe and express the feelings and joy it gives us every time when we look at these numbers. Yes we reached 20,000 views this weekend. And could not wait to Thank each and every visitors and supports of our blog.

This journey began long back on May 2010 where the below graph shows and gives you clear picture that getting a visitor to this blog was not so easy. for almost years AndyzDuniya did not see visitors at all. But its now in these recent years (I rather say glorious year) we started seeing some exciting numbers.

We have some infographics to showcase about the various countries love us such as India, United States, Germany, Russia, France, Pakistan, Ukraine, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Israel and many more. These are the major countries from where our visitors gave us hits/visits and we are sharing this info with the same amount of love if not more. :)

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Keep supporting us and give us more love, we are always eager to add such new goals and milestones to our cap. Definitely all these are not possible without your support and love, so please keep showering the same and help us grow and bring more polished and improved feeds as days passes.

And while I was writing this post my Alcatel Onetouch Idol X Plus sent a notification for me and that was YOU JUST REACH 500+ FOLLOWERS ON YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT.. 


- Andy

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  1. Congratulations Andy. Just stopped by this site after you added me on Indiblogger. May 2016 bring you lots more visitors and may that graph keep moving upwards :-)

    1. Wow.. Thank you for such motivating words.. Surely we'll reach many such goals with this kind of support from all.. :-)